Our Team

Volunteer Leadership

Marci Sieracki

Volunteer Program Director

Marci is a CPA who lives in Chicago with her two daughters and husband. While Marci loves to read, cook and travel, nothing makes her happier than spending time with her closest friends and family. Marci is passionate about the community and involving her kids, who have already learned the art of creating delicious lasagna.

Amy Lieberman

Portal Tech Specialist

When Amy isn’t baking lasagna, she loves to go camping, bike, tap dance, and MacGyver creative solutions. Her simple pleasures include wool socks, sticky note checklists, and sunlit porches. Formerly a middle school math teacher, Amy is now a software engineer in Boston.

Heather Harris

Heather Harris

Local Leader Academy Administrator

Heather is a self-described foodie and jumped at the chance to join Lasagna Love as soon as she heard about it in February 2021. She quickly grew into a Local Leader role, and now serves as the Local Leader Academy Administrator, welcoming new members to leadership.

Shari DiBrito

Special Projects Director

Being immunocompromised, Shari wasn’t able to continue serving at her church during the COVID pandemic. She needed to find a way to continue to give back, and stumbled upon a video promoting Lasagna Love. At first, this was all about ‘the lasagna’, but it quickly grew into much more…a passion for people she didn’t know.  It quickly became people first, lasagna second, but an awesome mix!
“I am happy that I ‘stumbled’ upon that video, it gave me a new direction and calling in this season of my life.”

Jeff Haseltine

Regional Director AZ, CO, NM, NV, UT

Jeff joined Lasagna Love in September 2020 as a Lasagna Chef and Local Leader. He works in vendor risk management for a financial services company and in his spare time likes to travel, cook, ski in winter and hike in summer. He lives with his partner and three miniature dachshunds, (Noah, Ollie & Wally) in Evergreen, Colorado.

Omer Ben Seadia

Regional Director HI

Omer Ben Seadia is an international opera director originally from Tel-Aviv, Israel, who now makes her home in Hawai’i. She is the regional director for the Hawaiian islands and a volunteer chef on Oahu. Omer’s directing work is centered around socially conscious issues and she loves being able to keep a connection to her community even when she is traveling for work.

Angela Patterson

Angela Patterson

Regional Director AL & ND

Angela runs a small bakery out of her home and is a substitute teacher. When she is not volunteering at church or leading her Girl Scout troop she is cooking for others. Food is totally her love language and Lasagna Love is a perfect fit. She started with Lasagna Love in Feb. 2021 as a lasagna chef and became the local leader of Alabama in April 2021. She loves being able to pour love back into the same communities that have poured love into her all these years.

Ashley Keating

Regional Director ME, NH, VT

Ashley joined Lasagna Love as a Lasagna Chef in October 2020. Since then, she has worked on the onboarding and portal support teams, been a Local Leader, and is now the Regional Director of ME, NH, and VT. She currently lives in Boston, MA working in the events and marketing industry. When not cooking up lasagnas, she loves traveling, reading, fishing on Cape Cod, and her Chiweenie, Cooper.

Kristen Savage

Kristen Savage

Regional Director FL

Kristen joined Lasagna Love in November of 2020. Previous to living in Florida, she co-ran an organization feeding those in need in Buffalo, NY. Kristen is a stay at home mom who enjoys playing at the beach with her kids, a good book, trying out local restaurants, and traveling. Her true passion is helping others and she is so excited to continue to pursue that passion with Lasagna Love.

Andrea Scullin

Regional Director MA/RI & Canada

Andrea has been with Lasagna Love since September of 2020. Andrea lives just north of Boston with her teenage son and his dog. Andrea is a busy mom, working in mental health and pursing her MSW. Andrea is passionate about spreading kindness in communities and uplifting families, which is why she loves Lasagna Love!

Kelly Andolina

Regional Director NY & PA

Kelly is the proud mother of two grown boys and her beloved deaf Dalmatian Chloe.  She lives with her husband in Upstate New York and loves to cook and travel.  Kelly manages a technical support team for a software company. She saw Lasagna Love as a great way to combine her love of cooking with her desire to help others in need and joined Lasagna Love in September 2020.

Kas Mehta

Regional Director AK, OR, WA

Kas recently moved to Portland Oregon from San Francisco with her little family. She started with LL organization end of 2020 and loves to cook, garden, and has a wild amount of houseplants.

“I love being involved with the community in any way I can. So happy to be apart of a wonderful, supportive organization like lasagna love!”

Lauree Barnes

Regional Director CT

Lauree joined Lasagna Love as a chef in Nov 2020 and quickly realized she wanted to be more involved.  She became local leader of Hartford County, CT and is now the regional director as well for all of Connecticut.  In a former life, Lauree was an actuary turned reinsurance broker but enjoys her current career at home with her wonderful and supportive husband and three children who keep her busy.  When not cooking or baking, Lauree enjoys playing lots of tennis, golf, gardening, and spending time with family.

Lisa Hade

Lisa Hade

Regional Director OH

Lisa joined Lasagna Love in September of 2020. Lisa is a retired RN, and a former animal rescue veterinary manager. For the last 7 years, she has coached high school and age group competitive springboard diving. Lisa is a proud mother to 3 adult children. She also became a grandmother in February 2022. Lasagna Love, cooking, gardening playing tennis, and traveling with her husband to see each of their children in California, Colorado and Philadelphia are her favorite activities.

Ashley Mudge

Regional Director AR, LA, MS, OK, TX

Ashley joined Lasagna Love in October 2020 as a chef, moved into the role of Local Leader of Fort Worth shortly after and is now the Regional Director of the Southwest. She currently lives in Dallas, Texas with her wonderful husband and has worked in compliance and risk management for various financial service firms. When she is not helping support our organization, the leaders and chefs in her region and spreading kindness through delivering lasagnas, she loves traveling, watching and attending sporting events and spending time with family and friends. 


Stacey Mantay

Regional Director CA

Stacey is the Regional Director for CA. She has been a part of Lasagna Love since Sept 2020. From the moment she heard about it, her 6 yr daughter and her knew they needed to be a part of it! She started out as a chef and later as Local Leader and now Director for CA. When she is not cooking and delivering for LL, she is PTA president at her daughters elementary, a girl scout mom and also part time caregiver.

“I enjoy the feeling I get when cooking and delivering warm lasagnas to those who need a meal.”

Lily McManus

Stephanie Driscoll

Regional Director SC

Steph is a wife and mother who lives in Easley, SC with her 2 sons and husband. Her family is also very excited to be in the process of adopting a 3rd child! She enjoys reading, cooking, and serving her community whenever possible. For a creative outlet, she also designs custom invitations. Steph joined Lasagna Love in 2020 as a volunteer chef, and quickly developed a passion for the mission. She assumed the responsibilities of a Local Leader in 2021, and then the Regional Director for the state in 2022.

Jenn Jarman

Jennifer Jarman

Regional Director DE, MD, MO, WV & Australia

Jennifer joined in October 2020 as a local volunteer chef and quickly loved the concept of LL. In December 2020 she became a local leader and is now a Regional Director for DE, MD, and MO. Jennifer is also part of the volunteer support team and enjoys helping our recipients and volunteers alike. Jennifer is a soon to be Nana with a grown daughter and son, 4 dogs, 2 cats and 4 birds. A self admitted animal lover and people person who has never met a stranger. Volunteering with LL has helped to fulfill her passion for helping others. With the tragic loss of her mother in 8/2020 LL came at the perfect time and what began as a tribute to her mother soon became the light she needed.

Wendy Miller

Wendy Miller

Regional Director ID, MT, WY

Wendy joined Lasagna Love in September 2021. She works as a financial analysis and planner for a security door company. In her spare time she likes to travel, cook, and adventure with her two dogs Cooper and Ringo. She lives in Idaho Falls, ID.

Lily McManus

Lily McManus

Regional Director Washington, D.C.

Lily first joined Lasagna Love in February 2021. A native of Washington, D.C., Lily manages the legal program for the consulting branch of a software company. She enjoys painting, hiking, travel, Italian language, and frequently can be found walking along the National Mall with her canine sidekick, Milo.

Aimee Look

Regional Director IL

Aimee is a nonprofit professional who works with people with physical disabilities and executive functioning challenges. She loves to read, bike, box, weave, and make vegetarian lasagna. She started out as a Lasagna Chef in February 2021, then became the Local Leader for the Chicago region, and now is Regional Director for Illinois. She and her husband live in Chicago with their dog and cat.

Jenny Burns

Regional Director IN & MI

Jenny couldn’t sign up for Lasagna Love fast enough when she first heard about it, as it combined two of her passions, cooking and volunteering. After starting in February 2021, she quickly realized she wanted to do more so she signed up to be a Regional Leader, eventually becoming Regional Director for Michigan and Indiana She lives outside Ann Arbor, Michigan with her husband and 18 year old son and is an avid Michigan Sports fan (Go Blue!) who also loves to read, hike and relax near water of any kind (lakes, rivers or oceans). Jenny works in health service research for the VA Hospital as a data manager.

Molly Yearick

Regional Director NJ

Molly joined Lasagna Love in October 2020. The mission of spreading kindness through cooking for others resonated with her and she has been active in the organization ever since. Molly has been a chef, a Local Leader and now Regional Director for NJ. Molly worked in the Fashion industry for many years. She now resides in Maplewood, NJ with her husband. They have 2 grown boys, and 3 grown Doodles! When not working, they all enjoy time away at the beach on LBI.

Danielle Drews

Regional Director MN & WI

Danielle is the Regional Director for Wisconsin and Minnesota. Danielle stands committed to the values of Lasagna Love; Spreading kindness and building community so when the opportunity arose for her to join the team as a Regional Director, she signed right up! When Danielle isn’t in the kitchen cooking lasagna, she can be found on the hiking trails, relaxing in the backyard, gardening or hanging out with her kids. She is happily married and lives in a small tourist town on Lake Michigan.

Laney Schieffer

Regional Director IA & SD

Laney joined Lasagna Love in 2020 when she was looking for a charity to do with her children during the pandemic. The organization was brand new to Sioux Falls, South Dakota with only two Lasagna Chefs! She has made her involvement a family project and way of life; her two kids, Annabella and Alexander, prepare the lasagnas, and her husband helps navigate the deliveries. She loves to play sports, travel, work out and bike with her family.

Karyn Cram

Regional Director VA

Karyn lives in Centreville, VA with her husband and daughter. She enjoys reading, gardening, the beach, and volunteering in her community. She spent most of her career in the IT field, leading a customer support team. She joined the Lasagna Love team as a chef in October of 2020, became a Local Leader in December of 2020, and most recently the Regional Director of Virginia in June of 2022. She is excited to help spread the word throughout the state.

Carla Jo Martin

Regional Director KY & TN

Carla Jo is a retired family therapist and lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee with her husband and their dog Tucker. She enjoys spending time with her three adult children and their families, as well as cooking and gardening. Carla Jo joined Lasagna Love as a chef in February 2021, became a Local Leader later that same year and is now the Regional Director for Kentucky and Tennessee.

Kim Kazda

Regional Director NC

Kim lives in Greenville NC with her husband Bill and two furbabies Monty and Lulu. She has a passion for feeding people and serving the community and this opportunity was a perfect fit for both. This is a family effort as her and her husband have committed to making and delivering Lasagnas together. She works for a non-profit as the Operations Director. She has been with Lasagna Love since November 2020.

Micala Teetzen

Regional Director KS & NE

Micala Teetzen started as a Lasagna Chef in 2021. After delivering 2 lasagnas, she was hooked and agreed to be the local leader for central Kansas. She is currently serving as the Regional Director for Kansas and Nebraska. Micala has been a zookeeper at Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, KS for 17 years. Other hobbies include visiting other zoos (currently at 61 and counting!) and attending zoo conferences, volunteering with various church efforts, gardening, bike riding and contradancing. She has 3 cats who are honorary lasagna chefs because they insist on attending most Lasagna Love Zoom meetings!

Galit Allemeier

Regional Director GA

Galit lives in Marietta, Georgia. Prior to moving to Georgia, Galit was a legal editor for a tax publication in Washington, DC.
Galit loves the flexibility she has volunteering with Lasagna Love and making a big community impact with little lasagna steps.
When not making lasagnas, Galit can be found watching her kids row crew and perform in theater. She loves the beach, reading, and playing cards with friends – and is always looking for the next big adventure!

Lynn Hirsch

Outreach Director

Lynn lives in Alpharetta, GA and is a hopelessly devoted Wife, Mom, Grandma, friend and Lasagna Chef! She says that her life changed on September 28, 2020 when she saw a story about Lasagna Love on the Today Show. She joined, began cooking and delivering meals and found a meaningful new focus in her “senior” life! She soon took on outreach leadership positions in GA and MS, a volunteer support inbox responsibility, and whatever else she could do to help grow Lasagna Love. Her husband of 49 years, 3 kids, 3 kids-in-love, and her five grandsons are the center of her universe and inspire her every day. Her main focus right now is Lasagna Love and everything outreach!

Wendy Agudelo

PR Director

Wendy Agudelo joined Lasagna Love in August 2020 to help spread the word about the wonderful work being done by volunteers across the country. She currently leads Image Professors, a strategic communications consultancy, but slings lasagna noodles on the side. An active mother of three children (including a set of twin boys), when Wendy is not architecting disruptive brand narratives, she can be found volunteering at her children’s schools, cheering them on from the sidelines, or organizing the next community fundraiser.


Andria Larson

Chief of Staff

Andria began volunteering at the beginning of April 2020 and has since moved into her current role. She splits her time between the West Coast and the Midwest. Andria is from all over the U.S. She is a proud mother of 2 awesome little kids and loves a coffee with a good book or podcast in her downtime. Andria is also an enthusiast of the Arts and music.

Erin Selsby

Operations Assistant

Erin Selsby started out as a Lasagna Chef in Ames, IA in June of 2020 where she lives with her husband and 3 children. She is a combination of a stay-at-home mom, substitute school nurse, and CPR/First Aid Instructor. She currently works as an Operations Assistant for Lasagna Love part time.

Rob Thomas

Chief Development Officer

Rob Thomas joined the Lasagna Love team in October of 2022. He came from a decades-long career in the theatre and is elated to be using his fundraising and relationship-building talents to help further the mission of this incredible organization. In addition to working for Lasagna Love, he serves on the Boards of Directors for the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center, the White Bear Lake Area Historical Society and Minnesota Citizens for the Arts. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife, Kate, his niece, RickyMae, and his dog, Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside. He is of Dakota ancestry and enjoys researching his roots and participating in Native American cultural events.

Steph Stocum

Kate Pirl

Marketing, Communications and PR Manager

Kate joined Lasagna Love in October 2022. She brings over 10 years of digital marketing and deep branding experience. Kate currently lives in Newport Beach, California with her husband and two fur babies – Oliver and Albus. She is passionate about giving back to her community and spreading kindness whenever possible.

Steph Stocum

Stephanie Stocum

Technical Project Director

Stephanie Stocum started as a Lasagna Chef in October 2020, become a Local Leader in November 2020 and took on the role of Portal Manager in February 2021. She oversees all things web/technology related. Steph currently lives in Virginia Beach with her husband and her college-aged daughter and son. She loves hanging on the beach and binge-watching shows on Netflix.