Our Team

Volunteer Leadership

Marci Sieracki

Volunteer Program Director

Marci is a CPA who lives in Chicago with her two daughters and husband. While Marci loves to read, cook and travel, nothing makes her happier than spending time with her closest friends and family. Marci is passionate about the community and involving her kids, who have already learned the art of creating delicious lasagna.

Amy Lieberman

Portal Tech Specialist

When Amy isn’t baking lasagna, she loves to go camping, bike, tap dance, and MacGyver creative solutions. Her simple pleasures include wool socks, sticky note checklists, and sunlit porches. Formerly a middle school math teacher, Amy is now a software engineer in Boston.

Carla Friend

Director of Training

Carla is the Founder and Executive Director of a Jewish community music organization called Tkiya. She also writes and performs children’s music! Carla is very passionate about the startup nonprofit space, so she is very excited to be the Director of Training for Lasagna Love. She lives in Bushwick within Brooklyn, NY, where she also built and manages a community garden on her roof.

Shari DiBrito

Regional Director, NJ

Being immunocompromised, Shari wasn’t able to continue serving at her church during the COVID pandemic. She needed to find a way to continue to give back, and stumbled upon a video promoting Lasagna Love. At first, this was all about ‘the lasagna’, but it quickly grew into much more…a passion for people she didn’t know.  It quickly became people first, lasagna second, but an awesome mix!

“I am happy that I ‘stumbled’ upon that video, it gave me a new direction and calling in this season of my life.”

Jeff Haseltine

Regional Director, Mountain West

Jeff joined Lasagna Love in September 2020 as a Lasagna Papa and Regional Leader. He works in vendor risk management for a financial services company and in his spare time likes to travel, cook, ski in winter and hike in summer. He lives with his partner and three miniature dachshunds, (Noah, Ollie & Wally) in Evergreen, Colorado.

Penney Rudicil

Regional Director, Southeast

Penney is a wife, mother, grandmother, business owner, and volunteer, but above all a strong Christian Woman that is here to serve and help others. She lives in Hendersonville TN and enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time with family. When she joined Lasagna Love she thought she would be making and delivering food, but what she didn’t realize is how much her family and her would enjoy and be blessed to help so many families by providing not just meals, but hope.

Cindy Wilson

Regional Director, MT, ID, WY

Cindy splits her time between Bozeman, Montana and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Cindy’s perfect day includes enjoying a good meal, making something with her hands, partaking in some sunshine outdoors, and sharing it all with her husband and big, fluffy cat. Cindy joined Lasagna Love in 2020 when she was looking for a way to safely volunteer and directly impact members in her community.

Ashley Keating

Regional Director ME, NH, VT

Ashley joined Lasagna Love as a Lasagna Chef in October 2020. Since then, she has worked on the onboarding and portal support teams, been a Regional Leader, and is now the Regional Director of ME, NH, and VT. She currently lives in Boston, MA working in the events and marketing industry. When not cooking up lasagnas, she loves traveling, reading, fishing on Cape Cod, and her Chiweenie, Cooper.

Allison Jones

Business Development Director

Allison lives in Nashville, TN with her 3 children and husband. She has worked in non-profit, government and Brand Management for Consumer Packaged Goods. She currently runs a Real Estate Investment Business. Her past role for LL was as Regional Director for the Southeast.

Ashley Mudge

Regional Director, TX, OK, LA

Ashley joined Lasagna Love in October 2020 as a chef, moved into the role of Regional Leader of Fort Worth shortly after and is now the Regional Director of the Southwest. She currently lives in Dallas, Texas with her wonderful husband and has worked in compliance and risk management for various financial service firms. When she is not helping support our organization, the leaders and chefs in her region and spreading kindness through delivering lasagnas, she loves traveling, watching and attending sporting events and spending time with family and friends. 

Kelly Andolina

Regional Director, PA/OH/WV

Kelly is the proud mother of two grown boys and her beloved deaf Dalmatian Chloe.  She lives with her husband in Upstate New York and loves to cook and travel.  Kelly manages a technical support team for a software company. She saw Lasagna Love as a great way to combine her love of cooking with her desire to help others in need and joined Lasagna Love in September 2020.

Megan Gotimer

Regional Director, Mid-Atlantic

Megan became involved with Lasagna Love in September 2020. She currently lives in Durham, NC with her husband and works at Duke University as a Staff Specialist for Student Records. When not making lasagna, she loves hiking, trying new recipes, and getting cozy with a good book.

Lauree Barnes

Regional Director CT

Lauree joined Lasagna Love as a chef in Nov 2020 and quickly realized she wanted to be more involved.  She became regional leader of Hartford County, CT and is now the regional director as well for all of Connecticut.  In a former life, Lauree was an actuary turned reinsurance broker but enjoys her current career at home with her wonderful and supportive husband and three children who keep her busy.  When not cooking or baking, Lauree enjoys playing lots of tennis, golf, gardening, and spending time with family.

Erin Selsby

Operations Assistant, Regional Director, Midwest

Erin Selsby started out as a Lasagna Mama in Ames, IA where she lives with her husband and 3 children. She is a combination of a stay-at-home mom, substitute school nurse, and CPR/First Aid Instructor. She is now acting as the Regional Director of the Midwest while staying active in the Ames, IA area.

Andrea Scullin

Regional Director MA/RI

Andrea has been with Lasagna Love since September of 2020. Andrea lives just north of Boston with her teenage son and his dog. Andrea is a busy mom, working in mental health and pursing her MSW. Andrea is passionate about spreading kindness in communities and uplifting families, which is why she loves Lasagna Love!

Stacey Mantay

Regional Director CA

Stacey is the Regional Director for CA. She has been a part of Lasagna Love since Sept 2020. From the moment she heard about it, her 6 yr daughter and her knew they needed to be a part of it! She started out as a chef and later as Regional Leader and now Director for CA. When she is not cooking and delivering for LL, she is PTA president at her daughters elementary, a girl scout mom and also part time caregiver.

“I enjoy the feeling I get when cooking and delivering warm lasagnas to those who need a meal.”

Kelley Kolling

Regional Director GA, AL, AR, MS

Kelley joined Lasagna Love in July of 2020 to help serve those in-need during the pandemic.  She loves to cook, read, exercise, and garden. Nothing makes her happier than spending time with her family and friends, making fresh floral arrangements, and playing with her dog Leo.  She is an IT Consultant in Atlanta, GA.

Kas Mehta

Regional Director OR, WA, AK

Kas recently moved to Portland Oregon from San Francisco with her little family. She started with LL organization end of 2020 and loves to cook, garden, and has a wild amount of houseplants.

“I love being involved with the community in any way I can. So happy to be apart of a wonderful, supportive organization like lasagna love!”

Wendy Agudelo

Regional Director, PR Director

Wendy Agudelo joined Lasagna Love in August 2020 to help spread the word about the wonderful work being done by volunteers across the country. She currently leads Image Professors, a strategic communications consultancy, but slings lasagna noodles on the side. An active mother of three children (including a set of twin boys), when Wendy is not architecting disruptive brand narratives, she can be found volunteering at her children’s schools, cheering them on from the sidelines, or organizing the next community fundraiser.

April Croy

Co Collaborations Director

April lives in the Hudson Valley of New York in an old Victorian that she and her husband lovingly restored themselves. She joined Lasagna Love in November 2020 to use her enthusiasm for cooking to help her community, then discovered that her passion for turning every project into a spreadsheet or task list could also be put to use to support Lasagna Love. When not cooking or organizing her spice rack, you can find April working in the garden, reading any book that crosses her hands, or snuggling with her two tuxedo cats.

Bruce Scherzinger

Portal Designer/Developer

Bruce joined the Lasagna Love team in October 2020 shortly after his wife, Eileen (a Regional Leader), joined and he realized the volunteer team would not be able to continue using the method they’d been using to organize the team much longer. He is a software systems engineer in the aerospace industry and has been using Joomla as a hobbyist since it started in 2005 to develop (mainly portal) websites on a volunteer basis. Besides using his skills as a volunteer, Bruce enjoys bicycling, fine dining and wine, as well as traveling to exotic places.

Felicia Casper

Co Collaborations Director

Felicia joined Lasagna Love in October of 2020, and is the Regional Leader for MN, while supporting other areas in the Midwest. She has years of experience in events and hospitality, and has a passion for helping. She also puts her culinary degree to good use cooking for friends and family, and Lasagna Love! She is fortunate to have help from her two Sous Chefs, her son, and daughter, who are expert Cheese Sprinklers.

Stacy Klousia

Regional Director Australia

Stacy is our first Regional Director in Australia! She lives in Tasmania, Australia. She has two very outgoing daughters and a super hyper dog. Her husband is from St. Louis. The two of them met her while she worked as a nanny in the US and he worked at a local Starbucks. They are now settled in Tasmania, where they spend most of their time outdoors at the beach, bush walking, and mountain biking. She is a social worker and has a passion for creative positive change in her community.

Omer Ben Seadia

Regional Director Hawaii

Omer Ben Seadia is an international opera director originally from Tel-Aviv, Israel, who now makes her home in Hawai’i. She is the regional director for the Hawaiian islands and a volunteer chef on Oahu. Omer’s directing work is centered around socially conscious issues and she loves being able to keep a connection to her community even when she is traveling for work. For more information about where you can see Omer’s productions and other non for profits she is involved with check out https://www.omerbenseadia.com/

Kinsey Brown

Co PR Director

Kinsey is a strategic communications professional with experience in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. She lives in Washington, DC and currently works as a communications specialist for Nestlé. She joined Lasagna Love in 2020 as a chef, and now helps lead public relations efforts for the organization. In her free time she enjoys cooking, reading, and interior decorating.

Our Staff

Andria Larson

Chief of Staff

Andria lives on the West Coast and is from all over the U.S. She is a proud mother of 2 awesome little kids and loves a coffee with a good book or podcast in her downtime. She is also an enthusiast of the Arts and music.

Stephanie Stocum

Technical Project Manager

Stephanie Stocum started as a Lasagna Mama in October 2020, become a Regional Leader in November 2020 and has taken on the role of Portal Manager in February 2021. She currently lives in Virginia Beach with her husband and her college-aged daughter and son. She loves hanging on the beach and binge-watching shows on Netflix.

Dori Botts

Director of Development

Dori Botts joined the team in January 2022 and is so excited to help Lasagna Love grow their supporter base.  Dori spent several years in the medical device field before finding her passion for non-profit development 10 years ago. When she isn’t working or running her kids around, Dori loves yoga, reading, boating, and doing just about anything outside (although the beach is preferred to snowy terrain). She lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband and 2 children, ages 17 and 11, and her dog and cat.

Samantha Koppang

E-Commerce Manager

Samantha’s journey with Lasagna Love started as her being the first Lasagna Mama in Texas, which grew to her being the Regional Director for the Southwest. She is now the E-Commerce Manager, as she has experience running an online business as well as product design. Outside of Lasagna Love, Samantha is married to a fantastic man and is the mother to an almost 3-year-old son, named Ryan, 1 dog and 1 cat. The three of them enjoy spending time together playing outside, gardening, running, and being taken on “Ryan’s adventures”!

Amanda Ramirez

Social Media & Marketing Manager

Amanda joined the team in November 2020. She lives in Seattle with her husband and daughter, who has also loved becoming a junior lasagna chef! When she’s not posting on social media she can usually be found in her garden or at the gym.