Our Founder

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Rhiannon Menn

Rhiannon Menn is a mama, chef, and adventurer. She loves decaf coffee, traveling, and super fuzzy sweaters – which she, unfortunately, can no longer wear since she left New England.

After the birth of her second child, she had an epiphany: When she took good care of herself, she was much better at taking care of those around her. She founded Good to Mama as a way of changing the narrative about what it means to be a mom.

In 2020, prompted by the COVID-related struggles of families in her community and her own feeling of helplessness, she founded Lasagna Love. A platform that connects neighbors for home-cooked meal delivery, Lasagna Love has transformed into an international movement of kindness, impacting thousands of volunteers and recipient families each week.

Rhiannon is a graduate of Berkshire Community College, Brown University, and MIT Sloan, and is a StartingBloc fellow and Siebel Scholar. She lives in Kihei, HI with her husband, three children, and is still relentlessly petitioning for a cat.